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Welcome to the world of Franklin Carrier's beekeeping.

"A place for the individual who has been fortunate enough to learn the
joys of beekeeping - we call it bee fever- for which there isn't any known cure."

Call, or e-mail us for your beekeeping needs: (408) 296-6100

Books on Bee Keeping by
Franklin Carrier
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Carrier's is located at 601 S. Baywood Ave. in San Jose, California - since July, 1975.
Franklin Carrier, the owner and operator, was one of the founders of the Santa Clara Valley Beekeepers Guild. Carrier's Beekeeping Supplies stocks books and literature on keeping bees, as well as provides advice from a master beekeeper.            Carrier's Beekeepers' Advice & Instructions

As a community service, we maintain a current list of beekeepers who are available to capture swarms from the yards of those who have had a surprise visit from bees searching for a new home.

Carrier's Beekeeping Supplies provides

Customer buying a jar of Franlin Carrier's great honey.

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